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Security Equipment & systems

Yes we sell security equipment and systems for everyone.

For those who need security but don't have the need for someone to be there 24/7 or at all! Grab a security system like a Smart Home system or cameras and secure yourself with the best.


Here you will find our basic services, all highly customizable to your needs.

Unarmed Guards

Our unarmed security guards are  individuals dedicated to protect and monitor premises, people, or assets without carrying a firearm. These professionals use various non-lethal methods and tools to ensure the safety and security of the area they are assigned to. Our unarmed security guards often perform tasks such as patrolling, observing surveillance cameras, checking access points, and responding to incidents or emergencies. While they don't carry firearms, they may use other defensive tools like pepper spray, batons, or handcuffs as permitted by regulations and the scope of their responsibilities.

Armed Guards

Our armed security guards are individuals employed to provide protection and surveillance while carrying a firearm as part of their duty. In addition to the responsibilities of an unarmed security guard, armed guards are authorized to carry and use firearms in specific situations. Their role involves deterring potential threats, responding to security breaches, and maintaining a heightened level of security. Our armed security guards undergo specialized training to handle firearms responsibly and may be deployed in high-risk environments where an elevated level of protection is deemed necessary.

Vehicle Patrolling Officer

Our vehicle patrolling Officer is a security professional who conducts patrols using a vehicle to monitor and safeguard a designated area. Instead of being stationed at a fixed location, these officers move around in a vehicle, covering a larger area efficiently. Their responsibilities include observing for suspicious activities, deterring potential security threats, and responding promptly to incidents. Vehicle patrolling officers play a crucial role in maintaining a visible and mobile security presence, helping to enhance overall security and deter unauthorized activities in the patrolled area.

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